Your donation can save lives

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Community-acquired pneumonia is a common disease of which up to 680,000 people suffer each year in Germany alone. Nearly 240,000 people need to be treated in hospital. Many do not survive the disease. Despite the importance of this disease in Germany there is still a lack of sufficient data on the course of the disease and the pathogens and their resistance to antibiotics. These are of central importance for the development of effective treatments.

Help us to improve collaboration between the leading research institutions in Germany, to promote the transfer of knowledge from research to practice and to accelerate the education of the public about this disease. Contribute to the successful work of CAPNETZ STIFTUNG to ensure that clinically relevant issues in the inflammatory lung diseases domain can be processed successfully in future.


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There are various occasions and ways of sponsoring us. An anniversary, a birthday or the recovery from a disease. After the loss of a loved one, mourners often also decide to provide us with support, e. g. in order to fulfill the will of the deceased or even to comfort themselves in the knowledge of supporting a good cause. Of course, you also have the possibility of determining in your last will, that a part of your estate be donated to benefit research.
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