Since 2001 CAPNETZ has developed into the largest excellence network for the Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) world-wide.

The clinical data and examination results of, on average, 1,000 patients are incorporated into CAPNETZ every year allowing comprehensive and detailed analyses. The experience and evaluations from CAPNETZ in recent years have allowed for significant improvements in the management and care of CAP patients.

With the establishment of the foundation in 2007 CAPNETZ was able to position itself anew. Charit├ę, the Hanover Medical School and Ulm University were the initial founders, while additional sponsors, public or private are welcome.

It is the purpose of CAPNETZ STIFTUNG to support academic research on CAP and other infections of the lower respiratory tract.

CAPNETZ Foundation

This encompasses fundamental research, microbiological research and every form of clinical study (prevention studies, vaccination studies, diagnostic studies and therapeutic studies). Additionally, CAPNETZ STIFTUNG is to contribute to the improvement of cooperation between the leading research-facilities in Germany (horizontal networking), accelerate the transfer of knowledge from science to practical medicine (vertical networking) and also push informing the general public about this disease. The ultimate goal for CAPNETZ STIFTUNG, through public education, enhanced prevention and understanding, is to facilitate a considerable reduction in morbidity and mortality caused by CAP, and accordingly, reduce economical pressures on the health system.


CAPNETZ STIFTUNG is to continue its successful work of recent years in the field of inflammatory pulmonary diseases. The foundation represents a major contribution to safeguarding pneumonia research and supports synergies between different institutions and organizations. Current funds are financed by the EU, the Federal Republic of Germany, and public, private and industrial sources.

Deed and Statute of Foundation Download

  • Deed of Foundation, 21.05.2007 ( PNG)
  • Statute of Foundation, 16.04.2014 (PDF)