Project application

CAPNETZ STIFTUNG fosters research on community-acquired pneumonia and other lower respiratory tract infections by granting access to the CAPNETZ  database and biomaterial collection.

If you have a scientific question that necessitates the analysis of clinical data or samples from CAP patients, you can apply for access. Our cohort comprises of over 14 000 CAP patients recruited over more than 20 years.


Please contact us directly if you want to make sure your project is feasible in terms of your required parameters and case numbers. The Management Board is happy to provide scientific advice early in the process:

Step 1

In order to submit a project, please request access to the application portal:

Step 2

Our project is defined and you are clear on your requirements. Please download and complete a project outline here:

Step 3

Lastly, fill out your application form in the application portal and submit your fully completed outline.

Your application is confidential. The approval is incumbent on the Management Board. Approval results in the signing of a Material and Data Transfer Agreement.

First, you will be granted access to the data dictionary for selection of your required data. Then, an encrypted data export will be provided according to your specifications and an anonymized selection of biomaterials will be sent to your lab.