CAPNETZ STIFTUNG: Comprehensive promotion of clinical studies and patient registries

The core competence of the CAPNETZ STIFTUNG is an established and highly professional infrastructure for conducting clinical studies and other studies and the management of large databases and biomaterial banks associated to these studies.

Part of this study infrastructure is a network of over 100 clinical centres. Data collected at the clinical centres are stored and distributed by a central certified data collection system and a central Biomaterialbank in Hannover, in coordination also with central diagnostics labs for virology and bacteriology. Besides collaborational coordination of external study projects via the CAPNETZ headquarters, CAPNETZ STIFTUNG also implements its own study projects.


  • implements clinical studies and other scientific projects guided by long standing experience and expert advice in response to scientific questions addressed by public funding bodies.

  • facilitates research in collaboration with consortium partners and research associations by providing scientific support, medical data, biomaterials, data management, database harmonisation, and data evaluation and analysis services

  • facilitates external clinical studies and registry projects by providing professional support in study design, data collection and data management